Tarot Circo uses a sliding scale of pay-what-you-can prices (below), that I hope makes Tarot Circo available to more people, while also ensuring that my material costs and energy expenditure are supported.

Please choose your own rate that you feel best describes your circumstances, for the reading you'd like to receive, no proof required or questions asked. Details describing the rates can be found in the individual Readings pages.

Here’s the fun part…

My intention is to ring-fence my Tarot Circo income for making creative work – a bit like a very slow crowd-funding...!

When the pot reaches a certain amount, I will put on an event or produce a creative object that I've been working on.

At certain times, I'll also offer readings to raise money for charities and causes.

You might be interested in the creative work I make through Tarot Circo – and you might not!

You don’t have to behaving a Reading is your own experience, in and of itself.

If you do want to see what I’m able to make as a result of Tarot Circo, then great!

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You'll also hear about charity/cause fundraising specials that I'm doing through Tarot Circo.

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